ExSol Aviation:

Whether supporting a charter flight into a politically unstable country or establishing a longer-term foothold in a new market, ExSol can assist in sourcing and managing quality products and service providers.

Security risk mitigation in the aviation industry has traditionally relied on a "barrier" created by manned guarding solutions. Our procurement team ensures all security equipment meets international and domestic compliance requirements and is sourced with a view to reducing ongoing maintenance costs.

ExSol`s specialised aviation security services provide design, selection, networking and centralisation of the most appropriate, cost effective security systems and integrated technology to enhance aviation security outcomes:


ExSol Aviation services include:


• Airport Security Risk Survey

• Home and foreign security program production, review and maintenance

• Access control systems design including fencing, lighting, intruder detection systems, CCTV, pass and permit issue, sensor monitoring and response

• Passenger screening systems - equipment and integration

• Checked/hold baggage screening systems design, construction and operate/maintain contracts

• Design and certification of aviation supply chain and maintenance systems leading to ISO     28000 accreditation

• AVSEC personnel recruitment and selection

• Technology acquisition and lease packaging

• Airport authority, regulator and law enforcement liaison

• Aviation intelligence

• Militaray Air Support

• Cargo solutions