ExSol TechWorks:

Executive Solution Worldwide Tech Works. provides Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and every Security Forces of our Clients with extremely durable, highly realistic inert training aids used in training against terrorist threats.
our Products range from all types of inert simulated explosives and demolition devices, Inert Improvised Explosive Devices, customized IED training kits, replica military ordnance and munitions, demolition tools & accessories, replica dummy weapons.
Custom products are designed to exact customer specifications.
Whether your threats are foreign or domestic, for a department or brigade, customized solutions are designed to both meet and exceed your training demands. Regardless of the situation, the safety of your team depends on the quality of your training.
Another part of Executive Solution Worldwide Tech Works is the Custom Production of autonomy working anti mine Vehicles and Drones to defusing Bombs and any other Explosives.The Production of Mine Protectet vehicle Carrier designed to customer specifications is the Third part of our Security Concept.