Land Security:


ExSol provides a full range of protective security services including convoy escorts, personal security details, training, mobile and static guards and ancillary operations in high-risk areas such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

Operating in high, medium, and low risk environments, Hart provides clients with static and mobile protection of personnel, resources, material and infrastructure. We want our clients to undertake operations in a secure environment.

ExSol’s areas of expertise include—but are not limited to—protective services and consultancy in all Areas where oure Support is needed.


ExSol is a trusted and preferred security provider to high-profile government organisations.

ExSol has supported the security interests of many major international organisation in particular since May 2006. The scope of this support, leading to extensive experience in countries including Nicaragua, Columbia, Ecuador, Honduras, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, Benin, Cameroon, Guinea Bissau, Rwanda, Zaire, Simbabwe, Senegal, Sao Tome & Principe, Georgia.


Services offered include:


• Static site protection

Close Protection

VIP protective security

Mobile security

Hostile environment security and awareness training (HEST/HEAT/HESAT)

Close protection training (SIA compliant)

Health and safety security environment training

Security risk assessments and plans

• Static site security
• Media protection